If you have healthy, full eyelashes you probably don’t spend much time thinking about them. If you don’t have the lashes you want, however, their absence can be conspicuous and distressing… and possibly the result of a medical condition!

Underwhelming eyelash growth can be caused by hypotrichosis, the medical term used to describe a condition of no hair growth. Unlike alopecia, which describes hair loss where formerly there was hair growth, hypotrichosis is when there is weak hair growth or none in the first place. 

But good news!  If you’re someone wanting to achieve fuller, longer eyelashes, we have a solution!

What is Latisse®?

Latisse is an FDA-approved prescription treatment for people wanting to grow fuller, longer, and darker eyelashes.

Who Is a Candidate for Latisse?

If you are unhappy with the length, thickness, or color of your eyelashes, Latisse-enhanced lashes may be for you.

If you are taking antibiotics and heart medications or if you have certain diseases or allergies, you may not be a candidate. Pregnant women and people with skin infections of the eyelids should not use Latisse.

Dr. Morgan will review your medical history and decide with you if Latisse is appropriate.

How do I use Latisse?

Latisse is a once-a-day regimen that you apply yourself at home.

You should apply it at night after taking out your eye contacts, removing your eye makeup, and after cleaning your face. Contact lenses can be placed back in the eye after 15 minutes.

You’ll use the sterile applicators included with the product. These are the only appropriate applicators to use with Latisse and it is important that you do not re-use applicators, even from eye to eye. There are 60 in the pack. 

The solution is applied only to the base of the upper lash line.  Don’t worry about the lower eyelid line, as Latisse will spread to your lower eyelid when you blink.   

Be careful not to allow the tip of the bottle or applicator to contact surrounding structures, fingers or any other unintended surface in order to avoid contamination by common bacteria known to cause infections.

Because the active ingredient in Latisse affects all hair, it is important to blot away any solution that drips beyond the lash line to prevent unwanted hair growth.

When will I notice eyelash growth?

Enhanced eyelash growth is typically seen to begin within 4 – 8 weeks but may take up to 3 months in certain patients. Once lashes have grown to their desired length reduce applications to 2 – 3 times per week. This is necessary to maintain your results.

What happens if I stop using it?

If application is discontinued completely eyelashes will begin to shed normally and return to their pretreatment appearance in 2 – 4 weeks.

Are there side effects?

Side effects may include a transient darkening of the skin around the eyelids and / or brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye, which may be permanent.

In addition, it is possible that it may promote hair growth in other skin areas on which it is applied. To avoid this, the manufacturer suggests blotting it off any skin other than the upper eyelids’ lash line.

Other side effects may include red and itchy eyes and skin hyperpigmentation.