Just For Men

Historically, aesthetics has been viewed as a lady’s game. A man getting a microdermabrasion? Laser hair removal? Botox? It just wasn’t heard of.

Now we know that’s no longer true!  Skincare and aesthetics being just for women is antiquated thinking. Viewpoints have evolved, society has changed, and here at the Facial Aesthetics Center we believe wanting to look your best transcends gender.

It’s a universal truth: no one is immune to the aging process.

Today, more and more men are interested in reversing the hands of time to look a little younger and more energized.  It’s more than reasonable to recognize the importance of healthy skin and a revitalized look, and we’re eager to put our skill and products to work to help you achieve / retain a youthful and energetic appearance.

Our most popular options for men include:


Botox is the most common medical procedure for men. Whether you want to look younger or simply freshen up your profile, Botox injections are a great option for men looking to erase fine lines and wrinkles caused by age. Botox improves the appearance of aging by relaxing facial muscles responsible for wrinkles – creating a youthful and rejuvenated look.


Our collection of high-tech equipment, like the XEO® Aesthetic Workstation, allows our aesthetician to deliver high-quality skin treatments to male patients without the need for surgery or injections. Best of all, each of these treatments can be carefully adjusted to precisely meet each individual’s unique treatment goals.


While our practice has found that most women undergo dermal filler treatments with the goal of completely removing their wrinkles, men often prefer partial, natural-looking correction. Because we know that men’s treatment goals for these procedures often differ from those of women, all our aesthetic injectable treatments are carefully customized to meet each male patient’s individual goals.


Great skin leaves a lasting impression on the people you meet. We’re proud to offer our male clients a broad range of skincare products that can help them maintain a youthful look.