Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light - Before (top) and After
Post Operative Nasal Cancer

Dr. Morgan treats sun damage (age and sun spots), hyper-pigmentation, vascular changes, acne and acne scarring using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).  Treatments are generally done in series of three sessions and these can be performed one week apart.  This technology can be used on the entire body.

Treatment time varies with the number of areas being treated.

Patients should be out of the sun for the two weeks prior to treatment, and for two weeks after treatment.  Sunscreen (SPF 30 with titanium or zinc) is strongly recommended after treatment.  After the treatments, some of the brown pigmentation will become darker and fall off.  Patients are not to actively remove these.  Abrasive cleansers are prohibited.

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